Specialists in Assessments and Interventions
for Neurodevelopmental and other
Neuro-Psychological Conditions 

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Initial Screening and Consultation

The screening and consultation focuses on ascertaining the direction of difficulties before comprehensive testing is recommended. It involves a structured clinical interview with the patient as well as a parent/carer of the patient who can comment on the patient's childhood development. The interview with the parent/carer can be conducted over the phone or Skype if the parent/carer is unable to attend on the day of the appointment.

The Consultation & Screening Process

The screening and consultation last 1.5 hours. The process will involve:

  • Discussion of patient's struggles guided through structured questions
  • If parent/carer present, discussion of childhood development through a structured questionnaire
  • Completion of screening questionnaires

The patient will be asked to provide the following:

  • Completed questionnaires which will be emailed when appointment is confirmed
  • School/college reports
  • Any previous psychometric and psychological assessment reports

These can be emailed back or photocopies to be returned on the day of the appointment.

A comprehensive report outlining the results of the testing process, diagnosis and how the patient meets/does not meet criteria and treatment recommendations will be provided.

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