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Neuro-cognitive Assessments with Psychological Formulation

The assessment focuses on identifying behavioural and neuro-cogntive concerns in individuals. 

Assessment and diagnosis will provide a general overview as well as in-depth diagnosis of neuro-cognitive concerns. This would aid treatment planning and monitoring. 

The assessment comprises of subtests that focus on major areas of cognition:


Reasoning/Conceptual Shift

Verbal Fluency



Spatial Processing

Immediate Memory Recall

Delayed Memory Recall

Delayed Memory Recognition

Expression of Emotion


The Assessment Process 

The assessment lasts 2 hours. The process will involve:

- Testing through completion of various simple tasks

- Discussion of patient's struggles guided through structured questions


The patient will be asked to provide the following:

- Completed questionnaires which will be emailed when appointment is confirmed

- Any previous psychometric and psychological assessment reports

- Any medical reports relevant to neuro-cognitive and psychological functioning

 These can be emailed back or photocopies to be returned on the day of the appointment.


A comprehensive report outlining the results of the testing process, key areas of impairment and treatment recommendations will be provided within a week of testing.


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